ATMs and terminals

Friendly Network

Friendly Network

For convenience of clients of BTA Bank expanded Friendly network.

Now you will be able to cash a money on rates of Bank, i.e. without the additional commissions in more than 400 ATMs and 570 points of cash disbursement.

In a Friendly network includes the following banks: OJSC "Bakai Bank", CJSC "KICB", OJSC "Aiyl Bank", CJSC "Bank of Asia", OJSC "Dos Kredobank", JSC "Finance Credit Bank KAB".

Partner network

The partner network gives the chance to cardholder of BTA Bank to cash money on tariffs of Bank via ATMs and POS terminals of participating banks: CJSC BTA Bank, CJSC KICB, CJSC Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank.