Using ATM map of Amicable Net

In order to add ATM map of Amicable Net (hereinafter referred to as the AN map) to favorites, it is necessary:

  1. To enter Google Account in Google Chrome browser, where you need to save the AN map;
  2. To click the link the AN map by means of Google Chrome browser;
  3. To click the icon “star” in the left part of the display, after it the icon will turn into yellow;


  4. After that, the AN map will be added to the list of your maps in Marked section.



For convenience use of AN map in your mobile device with Android and IOS operating systems, it is necessary:

  1. To set up GoogleMap application (for Android) or AppStore (for IOS).


  2. To start the AN map with Google Maps application.




  1. When GPS positioning is activated on your mobile device, the application allows easily find the location of the nearest ATM of Amicable Net.
  2. By choosing the most convenient ATM, it is possible to get directions to it by car, bus or walk*.

* - The car or bus routes will be accessible in case of availability of roads and public transport buses to the destination point.


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  1. It is recommended to set up points 1-4 in PC, entering under the same account as in your mobile device for quick access to the AN map in your mobile device. After that, the AN map always will be in the section “your places” – “maps”.
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