About the Bank

Since foundation in 1996, BTA Bank has reached and won rightful place in the financial market of Kyrgyzstan and is one of the leading banks in the country.

Today, BTA Bank is a universal, dynamically developing, high-tech Bank that provides a wide range of services for individuals and legal entities with a wide branch chain.

Constantly introducing innovations and improving the technology of banking processes, we strive to make our customer service more convenient, modern and comfortable. For this purpose, we are improving the ability to manage customer accounts and for this we have created remote service channel systems:

  • Internet banking;
  • Mobile Banking BTA24;
  • Electronic wallet "Ilbirs".

Mobile banking BTA24 and E-wallet Ilbirs is a simple and effective management of funds and operations on your account while at home, in the office or anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ability to make transfers and currency conversion, pay utility bills and taxes, as well as many other online services easily and quickly.

The Bank is actively developing retail lending by expanding the product line and offers customers products for all purposes, including:

  • Tunuk - purchase of goods and services;
  • “Installment plan 0%” – without % and overpayments;
  • "Superexpress" - collateral free loans for consumer purposes.

In the framework of cooperation in retail lending, the Bank’s partners providing goods and services on credit are more than 450 stores in the city of Bishkek and regions of the country.

BTA Bank is the first among banks in Kyrgyzstan to launch the Loyalty Bonus Program using ELCART cards, which makes it possible to receive bonuses for non-cash purchases and discounts of up to 30% from partners. And offered a Revolving credit card for any purposes with a renewable limit of up to three wages, with an interest-free period of up to 30 days and access to cash 24/7.

Within the framework of the intersystem integration project between the participants of the Payment System MIR of the Russian Federation and the Payment System ELCART of the Kyrgyz Republic, where BTA Bank is a settlement agent from the Kyrgyz Republic, since the beginning of 2019 started the process of servicing cardholders Russian payment system MIR in own ATMs.

On June 20, 2018, received a license from the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic "For the right to conduct operations in accordance with the Islamic principles of banking and financing through the" Islamic window" in the national and/or foreign currency."

BTA Bank is a socially-oriented bank, in partnership with the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund finances key sectors of the economy - medicine, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, trade operations, catering services, processing industry, construction and other industries, with the State Mortgage Company provides mortgage loans to the population in the framework of the government program "Affordable Housing 2015-2020".

Today BTA Bank is a team of professionals whose goal is to work for the benefit of the country's population by providing modern and high-quality banking services.

Together to success!