Useful tips and security measures

Below, we tried to give some general rules for use of bank cards, which will help our customers to avoid unfortunate situations.

Don’t forget about documents.
If you are going to pay by card in shop, you should have a passport or another document of identification.

Check details.
When you receive a card, make sure that your name written in Latin alphabet, letter by letter corresponds to your name in foreign passport. Otherwise you can have difficulties in the process of payment for goods abroad.

Maintain confidentiality.
Don’t disclose to anybody your secret PIN-code – because it is a “key” enabling to perform operations with your card.

Regularly apply for statements.
At least once a month, apply to the Bank for statement on account to control accuracy of withdrawals. There are various ways to represent statement – You can select from them one the most convenient for You.

Notify the Bank without fail on changes of your phone number and other contact information.

If the Bank will have no actual data, employee of our Bank would not contact You immediately for confirmation of alert cases or if disputable situations will arise.

Also notify the Bank, if the occurred operation is not reflected in the statement. Technology of cards use is that part of expenses can be written off much later of real time of the operation fulfillment (rarely this term takes one year). To avoid unexpected writing off of amounts, ensure that your real operations are reflected in statement. If you have noted non-correspondence, contact the Bank through contact information.