Corporate card

Corporate banking card ELCART/VISA is a chip plastic card attached to an account of a legal entity. Such a card allows you to pay for expenses related to the economic or main activities of the company: overhead, representation, transportation and travel expenses.

Advantages of a corporate card

  • The reduction in transaction costs and time associated with the issuance of imprests;
  • It isn't necessary to spend time for visit of the branches of the bank for removal of money;
  • Reducing the risk of loss or theft of cash. If the card is lost, the client can block it, saving the money;
  • Non-cash payment on the card is made without commission;
  • In case of need, it is always possible to fill up the card from the settlement account of the client online without the commission;
  • Separation of personal and business expenses;
  • Control of cash turnover;
  • Monitoring and analysis of travel expenses of employees online;
  • Establish a spending limit.

Corporate cards can be either debit or credit cards. To one account of the company can be attached a few bank cards.