ELCART payment cards

The bank payment card ELCARTThe bank payment card ELCART - is a payment instrument enabling its holder to perform transactions in purchase of goods, services, and drawing cash in the national currency trough terminals or other devices for access to a bank account with respect to management by its holder of cash on the bank account opened at the issuer in accordance with the contract between the holder of the card and the issuer. Transactions via the card are performed by the card holder within the balance of own cash assets available on the bank account (debit), or within the loan provided by the issuer in accordance with the contract on bank account, if there are no or not sufficient cash assets on the bank account. The card is property of the issuer and should be provided for use by the card’s holder in accordance with terms of the contract. The bank cards ELCART are available for any segment of the market, i.e. users can be everybody from corporate customers to sellers, teachers, doctors and retirees.

Important advantage of this product, as distinct from other payment systems, is acceptable price, rapid expansion of ATM and terminal network, as well as all other advantages of the cards:

  • Reliability;
  • Additional income from credit interests;
  • Round-the-clock access to the account;
  • Easy payment of goods and services;
  • Saving of time in payment of utility bills;
  • Safe storage of cash assets;
  • Convenient scheme for receiving of salary at shift and away workers, if travels are frequent;
  • Opportunity to issue additional cards for family members with opportunity to set for them a limited or unlimited access to the account.

Attractiveness of Elcart will be provided through distribution of overdraft cards in payroll card programs, credit cards and co-branded programs.

Besides, the bank has developed the tariffs taking into account various segments of the market. The lowest tariffs (in soms) are established within the framework of payroll card programs salary for employees of government institutions and budget organizations.


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