Frequently asked questions

What should be done, if card is lost or stolen?

If, you find out that your card is lost, first of all, don’t worry. Try to remember, you could leave a wallet at home on bedside table, in fact, you should pay for issuance of new one. If after all, it turn that your card was stolen or you lost it, you should lock it as soon as possible.

Within three days from the moment of verbal statement, you should send to the Bank a written one on locking of the card. Statement on card locking (fax: 300-694). If the card was stolen it is necessary to notify local police authorities about it without fail.

Concerning ELCART and VISA cards, you can call in aid the around-the-clock line of "International payment System" CJSC: +996 (312) 69-28-81, 69-28-82, as well as in working hours you can contact the Bank by phone +996 (312) 90-53-12.

Concerning VISA cards abroad, you can contact in branch of any bank, where the logo of you card is indicated. But, it is recommended to call directly to the Bank (phone number is indicated on the reverse side of your card). It will save your time and efforts. Please, as soon as possible, send by fax to “BTA-Bank” CJSC your statement about loss of the card with detailed circumstances of loss. After return, deliver personally the original statement to the Bank.

For additional information, you can contact the around-the-clock Global Payment Systems’ Customer Services:

Visa International — +1-41-05-81-38-36;

ЭЛКАРТ, VISA: +996 (312) 69-28-81, 69-28-82

How to avoid fraud in the process of purchase?

Before signing the check, please, make sure that the amount specified in this check corresponds to actual one. If you found discrepancy, under no circumstances undersign the check.

If the operation on the card was stopped, make sure that seller cancelled (revoked) authorization of the operation to be performed. Otherwise the amount of uncompleted operation will be locked on account of the card.

Keep all documents on payment operations without fail – including on those unsuccessful.

Don’t throw out the document with details of your card to avoid unauthorized use of these details.

How to receive cash in ATM?

Be careful while entering a PIN-code. If you will enter it several times incorrectly, your card can be locked. Your PIN-code is an access to Your own money: to keep it in mind, not writing it on paper, but if you already wrote it, don’t place it in wallet next to the card.

Be careful while performing operations – with the purpose of safety, if there is no reaction from the customer during 30-45 seconds, ATM can collect card and/or money not taken by You.

Count received money.

Remember about existing limits for cash withdrawal. Third -party banks can establish the limits for cash withdrawal. According to rules of payment systems, such limits should not be less of the equivalent of 200 US dollars. Nevertheless, additional limits can be established in some countries. Therefore, if you travel abroad, it is better to ascertain the limits for cash withdrawal existing in a certain country.

What to do, if ATM clenched card?

ATM can clenched the card, if you several times entered incorrect your PIN-code, if your card is out of date or in the case of malfunction in ATM. You should contact with the Bank for further examination, and lock the card.

No under circumstance resort to help of strangers, who recommend You to enter Your PIN-code once again or to say it to the Bank by phone — they can be fraudsters. If retention of the card occurred not due to locking of the card or multiple errors at entry of PIN – code (but, for instance, in the result of malfunction in ATM) in ATM of third-party bank, please, notify about it the bank-owner of the ATM within 2 working days from the moment of retention of the card.

How to receive cash in the Bank branch?

Before the operation, please, check out the commission amount that will be collected by servicing bank. All actions of a cashier with your card should be performed in front of your very eyes. Don’t allow to the cashier to go with your card to another premise.

Keep all slips and checks within half-year. Your nicety will be important if you will be deceived by personnel of the third-party bank. In the process of cash withdrawing, pay careful attention to correspondence of the amount required and the amount in check / slip.

Always have a passport, if you are going to receive money in cash desk of the bank.

Count and check out money near cash desk.

What to do, if the card fails to function?

The most common reason – the card has no sufficient cash to perform an operation. To eliminate this problem, you should top-up the account. If you are sure that the card has enough cash, but the operation cannot be performed through it, please, contact the Bank.

Why sometimes it is possible to withdraw from account the amount exceeding one you can expect?

Usually it is become possible when currency of the card account does not correspond with the currency in that an operation was fulfilled (for instance you will pay by card in soms abroad). Taking into account that third-party banks can have own currency conversion rate, in some cases, withdrawal of money is performed with delay – in this case operations are executed at the rate existing at the moment of withdrawal.

Where we should apply in emergencies?

Telephones of the around-the-clock Service for holders of bank cards: +996 (312) 63-76-98, 69-28-81, 69-28-82.

The around-the-clock Service for holders of bank cards provides the following services:

  • Locking of card in the case of loss;
  • Support in issues concerning cards operations, including payments in ATMs, transfers from one card to another;
  • Support in returning of card clenched in ATMs;
  • Providing of information on accounts;
  • Providing of another information and consultative support.