Online payments

Main point in safety assurance at fulfillment of payments in Internet by payment cards is identification of the card holder performing the payment. To perform payment in Internet – shop or to other providers of services in Internet the code CVV2/CVC2 is used.

The code CVV2/CVC2 is printed on the reverse side of card after the last 4 figures of the card number. If there is no code CVV2/CVC2 on Your card, payment is impossible.

Payment for goods and services in Internet with use of the code CVV2/CVC2 can be performed by the following cards issued by “BTA -Bank” CJSC: Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Gold.

Payment procedure

The payment procedure for goods / services in Internet with use of the payment cards “BTA Bank” CJSC is stated below:

  1. Select the goods/services and make order on the web-site of Internet – shop or another provider of services in Internet.
  2. Enter the details of Your card requested on the web—page, including the code CVV2 / CVC2.
  3. If You entered the code CVV2 / CVC2 incorrectly or the web-page of Internet –shop does not request the code CVV2 / CVC2, payment will be denied by the Bank.
  4. 1. If information is entered correctly, Your payment will be confirmed.
It should be brought to notice of dear customers of the Bank, that confirmation of payment by the Bank also depends on accuracy of information entered by You in the process of payment formation, sufficiency of cash on the card account, status of the card and correspondence of the payment to be performed to limits established by the Internet-shop or another provider of services in Internet, where you are going to pay for goods or services.