Visa Electron

Visa Electron bank cards

Visa Electron – is the most popular international card in Kyrgyzstan and in CEMEA region

All trade transactions pass electronic authorization of an emitting bank that confirms availability of sufficient monetary assets on account of the card holder.

These safety measures mean that Visa Electron cards can be issued to customers with limited or zero banking records, as well as to the customers who have no experience in use of cards. Programs for Visa Electron promotion often are focused on certain social categories of citizens, for instance, students and youth, on the customers with restricted receipts and consumers acquiring the payment card for the first time.

Tariffs for this category cards are considerably lower, than for other banking cards. By these cards you can draw cash trough automated teller machines and pay in trade-and-service enterprises, if there is the logo Visa/Visa Electron. Such cards transactions are performed through electronic devices only, i.e. through automated teller machines and POS-terminals.