Visa Infinite

Банковские карты Visa Infinite

Bank payment card Visa Infinite, issued by BTA Bank is the most prestigious premium card of International Payment System VISA Inc. with set of unique services. Card holders get exclusive service level. Customers can refer by all issues on services, rendered by the Bank and IPS VISA Infinite:

  • full-time support of payment system Visa Inc.;
  • insurance programme during journeys and shopping;
  • medical and legal assistance throughout the world;
  • special offers of partner companies on sales/services, discounts in hundreds exclusive shops and clubs;
  • personal manager to holder of card Visa Infinite.

Services of programme LoungeKey were included to service package exclusively for holders of card Visa Infinite from close company “BTA Bank”, this is programme of privileges, opening doors to more than 850 VIP and business lounges of world airports.

Travel at leisure, having forgotten about troubles. Privileges of Visa Infinite ensure care on each stage of your way.

BTA Bank renders following privileged services to holders of card Visa Infinite:

  • free visit of VIP and business lounges of world airports according to programme LoungeKey;
  • operation in VIP cabinet;
  • 50% on remittances according to system SWIFT (minimum and maximum according to tariff–without discount);
  • free opening and maintenance of settlement accounts poste restante;
  • free provision of certificates by Bank accounts;
  • 100% discount for lease of small safe deposit boxes.

Achieve dream with card VISA INFINITE from close company “BTA Bank”!