For convenient work with credit resources “BTA Bank” CJSC offers such product as credit lines.

The product allows to reach the following purposes:

  • To increase quality and speed of the service
  • To cut down the client’s expenses for securitization
  • To provide permanent access to credit resources
  • Individual approach to the client
  • To shorten time of the credit processing
  • Long term cooperation between the client and the bank

To formalize the credit a potential Borrower is to have stable business working not less than 3 months (non-stop) before applying for the credit. The following economic sectors are being financed: trade, services, manufacture, agriculture. The credit lines can be formalized in USD and KGS.


Interest rate

is defined depending on credit investigation, financial flows of a client, inquired term, purpose and character of the object being credited.



1% from amount of credit line/credit.


Period of consideration

up to 10 business days from day of providing of full necessary package.


Amount of security on the credit line

shall amount 120% minimum from the sum of the credit line. Real and personal property, transport, guarantee and etc. can serve as collateralized property.


Credit term

depends on a structure, field of the business and the purpose of the credit on every credit project. The maximum term of the credit line is 60 months. The client can totally call in one of the current subcredits. Increase of the sum or term of the credit line limit is allowed if financial analyze shows the Borrower’s potential.

The Borrower (a corporate body) shall submit the following documents to the Bank

Borrower (private entrepreneur) or a person working on a license submits the following documents to the Bank

Detailed list of documents required to apply to credit

There are some other documents for the credits granted by the Bank including those on International credit lines, which can be useful for the corresponding analyze and assuming timely measures on the situation control.