List of the documents essential for credit granting consideration

A standard list of the documents essential for consideration of the credit or credit replacement granting (guarantees, letter of credit) for corporate bodies - the Bank clients

  1. Application for the credit granting;
  2. Business-reference about the company (In details);
  3. Financial report with a mark of tax administration. The company balance with all the appendixes for two previous years, for the beginning of the current year and for the last reporting date with an explanatory note and monthly report on a factual flow of funds for the last year and a forecast for the credit term;
  4. Principal receivable certificate to the banks where there are transaction accounts, and copies of real credit agreements, loan agreement with all additions, security agreements, guarantee of payment if there are any;
  5. Copies of lease agreement (sublease) for the required space, land parcel; copies of ownership certificate for offices, warehouses, workshops. Deciphering of permanent assets (for the last reporting date) with the net assets value, year of production, expiry date, short technical characteristics;
  6. Copies of agreements on the security of the occupied places (if there are any);
  7. copies of the property insurance (if there are any);
  8. Deciphering of accounts receivable and accounts payable (for the last reporting date) with the date of origin, date of repayment and the reason of debt occurring;
  9. Deciphering of special funds if there are any;
  10. Certificate on the funds movement through the client's accounts (transaction, currency, loan) for the last 12 months in total sums with monthly breakdown affixed with the seal and the signature of an accountant-general working in the Bank;
  11. Certificate about the absence of defaulted debt on assignments to budget (a certificate from tax administration and social fund), off-budget payments, and about absence of credit and interest debts from the Bank;
  12. Business-plan of the project being credited or technical-economic rationalization of the effect of the credited deal with a detailed instruction of the expenses appearing, tax payments, schedule of the credit use and repayment and interests payment;
  13. Documents characterizing the ways of the credit use (contracts, agreements, proforma-invoices and etc.). copies of agreements with main providers;
  14. The documents characterizing sources of the credit and interests on credit repayment (contracts, agreements, proforma-invoices and etc.). copies of agreements with main buyers;
  15. List of collateralized property with the following data: balance cost, year of production or building, location, short description;
  16. The documents confirming proprietary right of the Borrower for a mortgaged item (documents on acquisition of property, privatization, log books of cars and etc.);
  17. Certificate from the State Registration Agency dealing with registration of rights on real estate and a certificate from a State Notarial Office confirming that the mortgaged item if free of any obligations (in the mortgage is real estate);
  18. Copies of founding documents (Notarized Articles of Agreement, Founding Agreement, Statistic Card, registration certificate - all in 2 copies);
  19. Notarized copy of a certificate about state registration in 2 copies;
  20. Decision of the direction board of the company about receipt of the credit, pawning of property and about being a bail or a guarantee on the credit as the third person (is it is covered in the Articles of Agreement - 2 copies original);
  21. Documents confirming legal capability of officers (extract from the letter of appointment of the director and accountant general);
  22. Licenses, permissions;
  23. Copies of passports of the company owners, general director and accountant general;
  24. Price-list for the company production (services);
  25. The documents confirming proprietary right for the collateralized property: Other documents which can be required from the Borrower by the Bank (contracts, agreements, recommendation letters and etc.)
    • Inventory file
    • Sale and Purchase Agreement (exchange, gift and etc.). registered in the State Registration Agency;
    • Certificate for the mortgage from the State Registration Agency;
    • Certificate from the house administration about the absence of debts for municipal services;
    • Wide extract from the house register;
    • Passports of the owners;
    • Except it, the following is required in any case:
      • Certificate from the State Registration Agency confirming that the estate is property of the mortgager, not for sale, not arrested and not alienated in any other way.
      • Document confirming the agreement of other owners for pawning of property if the property is private (not basing on the Gift Agreement) - agreement of a husband (wife).
      • If the property has been privatized before, agreement of all adult family members is enquired including temporarily absent ones.

Other documents, which can be required by the Bank such as contracts, agreements, recommendation letters and etc.

Business-reference about the company

  1. Year of the starting business. Business content. The company's structure (holding), numbers. statistics of volume of sales (in natural and cost parameters) monthly for the last year;
  2. Operational scheme of the company (holding). Company accounting for the assets, distribution of goods and money flows (who and where buys, who sells);
  3. Main providers and buyers, payment conditions (delay, prepayment), sales geography;
  4. Structure of production cost of the products. Sale prices. Rivals' prices;
  5. Sales market evaluation (final consumers of the products, market capacity, main rivals, demand seasonality, market prospects);
  6. Products promotion on the market (advertisement, exhibitions, Internet);
  7. The company's plans (development, sales increase and etc.);
  8. Support of the business activity, for which the credit is required, with the forecast of funds movement for the term of the credit;
  9. Autobiography of the directors and founders;

Detailed information about credit operations You can get in the Department of Corporate Credits "BTA Bank" CJSC on the phone number: +996 (312) 90-50-53