"Loro" accounts

Type of service Tariffs
Kyrgyz som Hard currency
1. Opening of correspondent account of correspondent-banks Free Free
2. Closing of account Free Free
3. Service of correspondent account Free Free
4. Issue of account statement:
after carrying out of transaction Free Free
account achieve over any period of time 1500 KGS 50 USD
sending of postal account statements and attachments
(frequency of sending of postal account statements and attachments is to be agreed in advance)
2000 KGS 50 USD
response to client’s request about transactions by account (for auditor’s firms of a client) 1000 KGS 50 USD
5. Transfer transactions:
transfers within the bank Free Free
Transfers for correspondent-banks
for benefit of clients of other banks *
- in USD 20 USD
- in EURO 0,1%, but not less than EUR
- in RUB (Russian) 50 RUB.
- in other currencies 30 USD
- by clearing 50 KGS
- by GROSS 60 KGS
for benefit of other banks * 50 KGS
- in USD 7 USD
- in EURO 10 EUR
5.2 Accomplishment of investigations upon requests about carried out trancastions * 2000 KGS 50 USD
5.3 Annulment of payment within the day 100 KGS 10 USD
5.4 Change of conditions or recall of payment instructions for transfer after its acceptance for carrying out by the bank 2000 KGS 50 USD
5.5 Overdraft By separate agreement
6. Payment for the balances on “Loro” accounts of correspondent-banks 0% 0%
7. Cash desk service of correspondent-banks
7.1 Cashing out 0,5% 1%
7.2 Calculation of earnings 0,3% 0,2%
7.3 Collection
(burden costs are paid separately)
0,2% 0,2%
8. Conversion transactions By agreement
9. Transactions with state securities According to the tariffs for legal entities
10. Documentary transactions According to tariffs by loan operations

* - for each payment

Tariffs for commission fees of CJSC “BTA Bank” are applicable in accordance with rules given below

  1. This list of tariffs can be changed, supplemented or cancelled with preliminary notification of correspondent-bank.
  2. Rates by this list of tariffs are applied only to the transactions carried out in framework of established international banking practice; CJSC “BTA Bank” reserves the right to charge special commissions for non-standard transactions.
  3. Commissions and rates by services not indicated in this list are charged by agreement.
  4. Tariffs by agreement can be assigned to separate correspondent-banks, on the basis of additional contract to the Contract of establishment of correspondent relationship.