Mortgage operations

The evaluation is made by experts of the Bank and its Branches under the condition of visual inspection by an appraiser at the place of evaluation object location.

Evaluating of real estate cost as well as any other mortgage type the Department of Collateralized Property uses three main approaches to the evaluation:

  • Cost-is-no-object approach (property)
  • Profitable
  • Relative (market)

By evaluation of property taking in mortgage the following criteria are considered: liquidity, demand and market price, replacement cost, supposed wear and tear for the moment of credit repayment (loan, letter of credit, guaranties and etc.), and others.

Mortgage Security shall belong to a mortgagor who shall be free of encumbrances, arrests, third parties' requirements, debts to the budget.

Mortgage Security shall be highly liquid that is provided by prices stability and formed market condition.


With all your questions you can contact the Department of Collateralized Property of "BTA Bank" CJSC, phone: +996 (312)  90–50–54