Armed escort of valuables

Collection department of «BTA Bank» CJSC transports monetary assets of a client by special transport, provided with armor protection and modern means of radio communication, LCS and rotating beacons meeting all the norms and safety requirements foreseen.

In modern conditions the Collection department of the Bank works with the following tasks:

  • delivery of money from the Bank to a company office, for example, for the following payment of salary to employees;
  • delivery of monetary assets from the Bank to the place of goods purchasing;
  • delivery of monetary assets from the Bank to an exchange office and back;
  • delivery of sale proceeds of trading organizations to the Bank.

Collection department of «BTA Bank» CJSC collects, delivers and secures monetary assets in the order and terms agreed by parties under a contract.

The employees of the Collection department are armed with modern rifled fire weapon and provided with individual means of protection.

Collection and transportation tasks are implemented by professional specialists who have experience in dealing with fire weapon and radio communication.

There are classes on shooting out of the fire weapon held to increase the level of qualification of the department employees. The collectors visit sports hall to keep fit.

The collectors wear special Bank clothes when being on duty. The Collection department keeps confidentiality of the information connected with its activity.

A customer shall pay to the Bank for the collection and transportation of the money in accordance with the fixed rates (KGS 1000 — one thousand for one call).

In case of damaging the Customer by third parties during the money transportation and security provided by the Bank the damage is repaid by the Bank only if it is the fault of the Bank defined in accordance with the law of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The collectors’ official safety conditions are provided with the help of cooperation with the Security Department and the Department of Home Affairs of Kyrgyzstan.