Payment cards

Bank payment card is universal payment instrument being the access key for management of the bank account around-the-clock, 7 days a week and enabling its holder to pay for goods and services in various trade and service enterprises where the cards are accepted, to receive cash assets, and to use other additional services and certain advantages. Appeared in the middle of past century, bank cards became popular in many countries of the world and became an inherent attribute of civilized people.

Today, bank cards are the key element of electronic bank systems more and more displacing traditional cheque books and cash money. Besides, it is by no means unimportant, that the card has certain information required for access to the account in bank, for fulfillment of payments for goods, services or works, as well as for withdrawal cash, allows to serve as the most simple and progressive device in organization of cashless settlements.

“BTA Bank” CJSC is the member of the national payment system ELCART and an associated member of the international payment system VISA  and provides the following types of cards:

Services by cards

“BTA-Bank” CJSC provides to its cards holders the following range of services:

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