Statement on card accounts

Statement on an account is a document reflecting all operations on the bank account with use of the bank payment card for the period requested by the card holder. Monthly statement is provided by the Bank free-of-charge, and additional statement can be issued at established payment according to the bank’s tariffs.

Statements on accounts on bank payment cards for current month are referred to the card holder every month not later 5th day of the following month, except as otherwise provided in application for bank payment card.

Card holder can receive statements

  • By e-mail to his/her e-mail address;
  • Directly from a mail teller of the Bank;
  • Through ATM, you can get information on current balance of Your bank account with use of the bank payment card ELCART, and mini –statements where information is provided on last 10 operations performed with use of the bank payment cards of BTA Bank in ELCART network.


In the case of discrepancy between operations indicated in a statement on account and operations performed actually, the card holder should immediately notify the bank on founded discrepancy.

Attention! If there are no claims received from the holder within 30 days from the date of operation fulfillment, the statement on account should be deemed confirmed, and further claims on this statement should not be considered by the bank.

If there are claims, the bank conducts investigation in the process of which the Bank clears up the reason for cash withdrawal, and at positive outcome, returns deficient amount on account of the card holder.