Revolving card for individual entrepreneurs

For current and new borrowers of the Bank – individual entrepreneurs through corporate lending line and SME.


Loan currency: KGS
Type of loan line: revolving
Line amount: to 1,000,000 KGS
Line period: to 37 months
Interest rate:

At Borrower’s option:

  • Fixed rate for the whole period - 25% per annum + Cashback in the amount of 5% of the purchase;
  • The grace period rate up to 30 days – 0% since the date of the purchase or cash withdrawal by the 1st day of the following month. Within the main period - 28% per annum.
Loan arrangement fee: absent
Fee for issuing a revolving card: absent
Cash arrangement fee:

With a free-cash payment, fee is absent;

By Elcart – 1% of the cash loan from ATM of any bank;
1% within the Bank network and friendly network, 1,5% in other banks (min. 300 KGS)

Collateral: to 200,000 KGS – without mortgage and guarantee;
above 200,000 KGS – real estate mortgage.
Loan repayment: - Minimum payment - monthly 10% of the outstanding amount.
- Advanced repayment at all reasonable time and in any amount without prior notice.
Processing period and granting of loan: Elcart card within 1-2 days since presenting all documents
VISA card – within 3-4 days since presenting all documents
Calculation of effective annual percentage rate is by each case individually. The loan expert can give consultation.
For the detailed information, you can call: +996 (312) 90 50 50, 90 54 66, 90 06 20, 44 00 99.