Mortgage Loan under the program "Affordable Housing 2015-2020"

Target group: citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic meeting selection criteria
Loan currency: KGS
Loan amount: to 3,000,000 KGS
Loan period: to 180 months
Interest rate: 7-9% per annum
Down payment: minimum 10% of the cost of housing or real estate mortgage of third parties
Collateral: acquired real estate, guarantee
Standards of housing purchased: apartment – not more than 80 sq. m., individual house - not more than 150 sq. m.
Loan repayment: annuity payments, repayment of principal debt by equal installments
Insurance: mandatory
Loan arrangement fee: absent
Loan repayment fee: absent
Processing period and granting of loan: to 5-10 work days (after presenting all the required documents)
Additional conditions: When calculating income, the income of family members, keeping one household, will be taken into account.

Criteria for selection of participants, lists, as well as other conditions of the Program, are posted on the website of the state mortgage company:

Effectife interest rate from 7,10%

Basic primary list of documents

  1. Passport, spouse's passport, passport of the guarantor, marriage certificate;
  2. Payroll certificate for the recent 12 months and other documents confirming income of the Borrower, Guarantor;
  3. Reference from the place of actual residence and family composition of the Borrower, Guarantor;
  4. Extracts from the Single State Register of Rights to Real Estate, indicating the information on the presence or absence of encumbrances (restrictions) per unit of real estate;
  5. Copies of title documents to the purchased housing;
  6. Copy of the passport of the current owner (seller) of the housing.