Revolving card for pensioners

Loan currency: som
Type of credit line: revolving
Line amount: up to 2 monthly payments for pensions,
but not more than 20 000 soms
Period of line: 25 months
Interest rate: Grace period - 0%, the main period - 25%
Loan arrangement fee: no commission
For the issuance of a revolving card commission: no commission
Commission for providing of loan: 1% from loan issued in cash
(non-cash payments with no commission)
Collateral: pension contributions
Repayment of loan: active period (first 20 months) on a monthly basis 10% of the outstanding amount;
the repayment period (last 5 months) on a monthly basis 25% of the outstanding amount.

* Pension payments have to arrive on the card of BTA Bank

Basic primary package of documents

  1. Passport, spouse"s passport, marriage certificate.