Deposit "Cumulative -"Altyn sandyk""

Terms of deposit

  1. Partial withdrawal of deposits is not allowed;
  2. It is allowed to make additional contributions by the depositor;
  3. Remuneration for the use of deposit is charged on a daily basis onto the amount of actual balance and paid to the depositor at the end of the deposit term.
  4. In early claiming of deposit, the Bank recalculates the amount of the remuneration paid at the rate of 2% per annum in KGS and 0.5% per annum in US dollars for the actual time of the money location in the account, and the remuneration paid overly is deducted without notice from the principal amount of the deposit.

Terms and annual interest rates

3 мес. 6 мес. 9 мес. 12 мес. 18 мес. 24 мес.
In nat. currency (som) 3.0 3.03* 7.0 7.12* 7.5 7.69* 8.5 8.80* 9.5 9.80* 10.5 11.00*
In int-currency (USD) - - - 2.0 2.50* 2.5 3.02* 3.0 3.10*

* Effective interest rate

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