Escrow account

What enablers will minimize risks of parties to a commercial transaction?

Escrow account from BTA Bank!

If a client of the Bank is dubious about a success of a transaction and if he needs to take a real confirmation that his partner has available money or the client himself must provide such confirmation, the client simply needs to open an escrow account with CJSC "BTA Bank" and credit to it a required amount.

Escrow account

Escrow account is a current account that the Bank opens for the Client and the payer credits this account subject to its deposit (freezing) with no right for its holder to effect any expense transactions until liabilities secured by such account are discharged.

  • The Bank maintains availability of a minimum balance of the escrow account as well as well-grounded and timely payment from the escrow account.
  • If either party fails to or improperly discharges its liabilities when due, the Bank shall return the money from the escrow account to the Bank.

Escrow account is available to:

  • Unincorporated self-employed entrepreneurs, including individuals operating under a license or a non-recurrent ticket,
  • Entities (limited liability partnerships, joint stock companies).