Money Transfer

The Bank offers any kinds of money transfer for quality and fast service upon retail clients. They are with and without opening an account, in national and foreign currency, to the benefit of physical persons and corporate bodies, around Kyrgyzstan and abroad.



Intrabank transfer “BTA Transit”

Want to transfer money easily and quickly within the country? For your convenience, there is a money transfer system between branches of BTA Bank throughout the Kyrgyz Republic. Advantages: You can transfer money in any convenient branchs of "BTA Bank" and "Bakai Bank", both in national and in foreign currencys without opening a bank account; low tariffs: in soms 0,1% of the amount, the minimum amount of commission is 50 soms; in foreign currency 0,15% of the amount; receiving a money transfer for 5 minutes.

The maximum transfer amount from one sender to one recipient per day is 1,000,000 soms or the equivalent in foreign currency.

Under the system "BTA Transit" is carried out only the payment of already sent transfers.


Our offices

Western Union

Money is received few minutes after the sending. You can send and receive money in more than 370 000 divisions in 200 countries of the world. In CIS this service is available in more than 35 000 points of service. Elastic scale of fees: the bigger amount of remittance the more advantageous tariff. The sender only pays for remittance, receiver is free from any payments.

UNI Stream

We would like to present "UNI Stream" money transfer system for transfer money abroad. This international system of urgent money transfer can help you send money to your relatives, friends and partners without opening a bank account. The system has the following advantages: low rates from 0.15%; fast money receiving from 10 minutes; the recipient does not incur any expenditures; convenience and simplicity of money transfer formalization; all money transferred is taken and given in cash in primary currency of the transfer.


“Contact” is the first russian system of money transfer and payments without opening a RUR, € EURO and USD account all around Russia, the CIS and far abroad with the help of which you can also pay for goods and services. There is low commission fee from a Transmitter: from 0,1%. The Recipient does not bear any expenses; he will be totally paid out the transfer without a commission fee off take. There is simplicity of money transfer formalization for both Recipient and Transmitter.


“FASTER” is a system of express money transfer. It allows to send and receive money transfer quickly in any service center in neighboring countries and far abroad. “Faster” money transfer is a progressive and convenient way to transfer money. High speed of money transfer is 1 minute from the moment of sending. Money transfer is made in the following currency: $ USD, € EURO, RUR, KZT. Low rate for the transfer is 2% from the money transferred, minimum USD 1, maximum USD 180. There is e-form of application for money sending and receiving and a possibility of returning the money sent.


BTA Bank is an exclusive bank in Kyrgyzstan, working directly with RIA International System of Express Money Transfers. RIA International System of Express Money Transfers has 272,000 services points in 147 countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Transfers can be sent or received by using a card or in cash.

Currency of RIA transfers is USD and EUR. You can perform RIA transfers at any Bank’s division convenient for you.


"BLIZKO" provides urgent money transfer by physical persons without an account opening around Russia and the CIS countries in RUR, USD and € EURO. Time of transfer is 1 minute from the moment of the money sending; transfer commission fee depends on the sum transferred. Transfer commission fee is taken in accordance with "Blizko" rates.

Zolotaya Corona

“Zolotaya Corona” allows you transfer money to your close people anywhere in Russia and CIS – fast and cheap. “Zolotaya Corona” - money transfer for individuals in Russia and CIS countries in rubles, US dollars and EURO without opening an account. High speed of transfer (up to 1 minute). Transfer fee in CIS and Russia from 0,15%. Client can receive money at any bank, which is part of the System (transfer without address).


It is a money transfer in US dollars by one individual to another anywhere in the world without opening an account. Transfer time is 10-15 minutes. MoneyGram transfer is one of the cheapest among analogous services.


International system providing money transfer to any part of the world upon availability of all necessary bank requisites of a recipient. The money is transferred in any currency as from a private bank account so without opening a bank account. Cost of the transfer in hard currency (USD, EURO, Pound Sterling, JPY) is 0.2% from the sum KGS 1000 minimum, in RCC (RUR, KZT) 0.1 % from the sum KGS 500 minimum. Period of money remittance receipt is 1-3 business days.