Time to expand the boundaries – cards Mir are serviced in BTA Bank devices!

Dear friends!

We have great news for the cardholders Mir!

BTA Bank started servicing the cards of the Russian payment system Mir in its ATMs, trade and service enterprises (TSE) and cash points (POS). From now on, the Mir card holders, as well as on the territory of Russia, will be able to freely cash out or pay for goods and services in the BTA Bank devices.

We are pleased that such a large-scale project for the integration of the two national payment systems ELCART (Kyrgyzstan) and Mir (Russia) is successfully implemented by our Bank and all peripheral devices are ready to accept cards Mir. And the opportunity to travel and visit different areas of our hospitable country will now become more comfortable and convenient.

Look for the logo of the Mir payment system and pay in shops and hotels, cafes and restaurants, gas stations, salons and service companies, as well as withdraw money from ATMs and BTA Bank cash desks.

A full list of ATMs, TSP and POS can be found here.