Procedure of consideration of consumers petitions

Dear clients and partners of bank!

We express you huge gratitude for selection and trust! Mutual understanding is the best ground for business cooperation.

From the moment of its formation “BTA Bank” CJSC sets diligent and fair mutual relations with clients and constant improvement of quality of service as its main objective. Aspiring to the maximum availability to all categories of clients and satisfaction of needs of each of them, we make advances to clients and are always ready to support them.

Petition of client does not remain without attention and is considered in terms regulated by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Incase of question you may:

  • Refer Contact center of BTA Bank by phone:+996 (312) 90-50-50 (day and night/24/7);
  • Send petition/proposal in writing by facsimile to number: +996 (312) 30-06-94;
  • Fill electronic form of petition/proposal: «Online – petition for individual» / «Online – petition for corporate clients»;
  • Make recordin “Book of complaints and proposals” in all sections of the Bank;
  • Express your wish/proposal at personal reception of head of Main office division / branch of Bank.

Process and procedure of consideration of client petition to “BTA Bank” :

Petition of Client should be addressed/directed to Bank to receive explanation about specific event by official channels of arrival of complaints. Discussions, statements in social networks are not regarded as complaint/ petition and are not subject to registration.

Petitions can be submitted by Clients in state and official languages.

Besides, oral and written petition, client can refer directly to head of corresponding division, having preliminary registered for reception and having specified petition question.

Were mind that irrespective of petition form, you should indicate:

Personal contact data:

  • Name individual or title of legal entity;
  • address, contact data (phone, E-mail, postal address);
  • natureofapplicationwithdetaileddescriptionandconfirmingdocuments, if available (for example, date of application, number of account / card, etc.);
  • in application in writing it is essential to set personal signature and date.
  • Incase contact data of applicant absent, Bank reserves right not to consider petition

Petitions which can not be read, contain in gobsceneor off ensive expressions, threats to life, health and property of Bank/employees of Bank, and also members of family are not accepted.

Term of consideration of petitions constitutes 30 work days from the moment of receipt.

Explanations/consultations are provided by any of communication channels convenient to Client: E-mail, phone, personal contact.

Answer of Bank by results of petition review is given in petition language for address which was specified in petition (unless otherwise specified in petition).

We thank you in advance for cooperation.