Business Target Financing Program by Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund

May 25, 2016 the BTA Bank became the participant of the Business Target Financing Program provided by the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund.



cattle breeding, poultry farming, fishery, beekeeping

plant growing, greenhouse facility, processing of agricultural products, preparation of agricultural products, drop irrigation, production of foodstuff, textile manufacture, manufacture of machines, equipment, facilities

manufacture of rubber, plastic, metal, wooden, paper and other products

manufacture of construction materials

manufacture of pharmaceutical products

power industry, construction of small hydroelectric power stations

mining and metallurgical industry


Credit purpose Acquisition, update, expansion and improvement of fixed assets in the following fields:

agricultural sector, tailoring and textile industry, processing industry, mining and metallurgical industry, transport, medical services, development of infrastructure (including tourism infrastructure), other long-term investments in manufacture.
Currency Kyrgyz som, US dollars
Interest rate 12% per annum in KGS, 5% per annum in USD
Credit term Up to 60 months
Grace period 9 months (may be considered up to 12 months)
Amount of credit Up to 1 000 000 USD (equivalent in KGS)
Credit fee No charched
Client’s own participation

At least 15% of the total project cost.

At the same time, the borrower’s contribution shall serve as such co-financing.

The contribution to the project may include: cash and non-cash funds; financial resources invested in the project capital expenses after or before the submission of to the Bank, but subject to the confirmation of the fact that the project part financed by the Bank by means of Credit would have no economic rationale without the mentioned expenses;

Онлайн-заявка по целевому финансированию бизнеса от Российско-Кыргызского Фонда Развития

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